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Working for a Safe, Healthy, and Thriving Community

Public Safety

In my time on the County Council, I continue to prioritize public safety by supporting Sheriff Bill Redman and ensuring a fair and effective justice system for the county. I also continue to support the 911 Center (PSAP) to help connect residents in crisis with the emergency services they need.

Investing in Infrastructure

Having a fair tax system that adequately supports our county services ensures that we are making investments to deliver valued services to our residents. However, I want to work with our County Assessor to find ways to stop significant, sudden property tax hikes which create a burden on homeowners. I also want to be prudent with our tax incentives for new development projects to make sure that the community benefits from the increased tax base, new employment opportunities, and contracts for local businesses.

I also want to improve our roads and infrastructure by encouraging our department heads to seek grants and federal funds to make historic investments in St. Joseph County while also keeping new costs low for our working families. I support working to increase access, investment, and programming to benefit all of our residents in our 1,452 acres of parks in St. Joseph County.

Community Health 

I continue to support public health initiatives to improve health inequities and mental health issues in our county. By supporting our County Health Department, we can continue to grow these initiatives while also collaborating with Sheriff Redman and area health care providers to create a Crisis Intervention Center.

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