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Meet Diana | Experienced Leadership for St. Joe County

I am grateful for the ability I’ve been given to support policies and advocate on our County Council for the past nine years, and given my personal and professional background, I hope you will consider supporting my re-election campaign this year.

My 10 years as an executive director of a small nonprofit along with the 20 years I spent developing and managing personal and professional enrichment programs for adults and youth at IU South Bend provide me with rich experiences in managing resources and working with a variety of constituents in our community. Whether it was helping engage, educate, and empower South Bend neighborhood leaders to organize and advocate for their quality of life, helping people continue their education, or serving on numerous boards in the community, I accumulated a wealth of knowledge that has helped guide my work as a Councilor. I also continue to serve on the Real Services program advisory board and on the Board of Trustees for The History Museum.
I began my service on the St. Joseph County Council in 2013. During my tenure, I have sponsored:
• A county-wide Human Rights Ordinance extending the protection from discrimination into the unincorporated parts of the county
• The Responsible Bidders Ordinance which gives preference to local contractors and workers when bidding for county funded construction projects
• Hazard Pay for our county's essential workers, including 2020 absentee voting and poll workers.
In addition, I have worked vigorously to support efforts to attract innovative and sustainable economic development projects which provide much needed employment opportunities, can improve our efforts to retain and attract new talent to our county, and support our essential county services as well as our fantastic county park system.
I remain committed to advocating strongly for public safety and health which are essential for a safe, healthy and thriving community. My advocacy includes supporting use of body cameras, officer training, the addition of social workers to the Sheriff's team and a joint initiative undertaken by the Sheriff, the Health Department, Oaklawn, and our local hospitals to create a crisis intervention center to help individuals with mental health conditions.
I also supported correcting deficiencies in the PSAP operations (the 9-1-1 Center) so they could achieve sufficient staffing levels, improve staff training, and provide emotional support for staff.  I strongly support a robust public health department which addresses health disparities including obesity, infant and maternal mortality, and lead poisoning. Our Health Department has done an outstanding job of bringing grant dollars into our community and raising other external funds to help support their impactful mission for a healthier St. Joe County.

Aside from my professional career, I have two children, three granddaughters, and a great-granddaughter born earlier this year. I am lucky that most of them live and work right here in St. Joe County. I also received a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Indiana University South Bend. 

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